The founder of CEETOL, Lufi, was born in 1963 in Auvergne, France. Lufi once studied lens production at an optical lens company and worked for 8 years there. Later, he was dispatched by the company to the fashionable Kangming Street to sell sunglasses and he worked for 3 extra years.
    After leaving the company in 1996, he got acquainted with two friends, Angelo from Italy and Huang Yidong from China, at an optical show. Lufi, who had eight years work experience in the manufacturing of optical lenses, proposed that they work together to establish a lens manufacturing factory.
    In 2001, he eventually owned six lens manufacturing factories in six countries around the world after five years’ work. His business was booming and he cooperated with many well-known eyewear brands worldwide to supply lenses.
    In 2008, the only business research and development institute for lens optics was set up in China, which advanced eyewear industry to a new height. At that very year, Lufi used the patented lens developed by the business institute to create a brand of sunglasses, Decio, that focused on near-sighted people. 
    In 2015, Lufi, not young anymore, eventually resigned from the company’s CEO position and no longer managed the company’s affairs because of the corporate equity issues. Then Decio was renamed CEELTO.
    At an annual meeting, he mentioned that CEETOL would register trademarks formally across the world. CEETOL is specially designed for people with myopia. We do not make ordinary sunglasses. He has very high requirements for the effect of sunglasses because two layers of lenses are added together. What we must do is to concentrate on R&D and to create the world's only glasses clips that seek to award near-sighted people with the best lens since their eyes need protection.
    CEETOL focuses- you rest assured.